Welcome to Resurrection Parish. We are a community of believers grounded in the teachings of Jesus in the Roman Catholic tradition. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we welcome all people to join us in our faith journey. Through worship, prayer, study and action, we strive to bring the good news and value of God’s Kingdom to our community and to the world beyond. Our Mass Times are Saturday at 4pm, and Sunday at 8, 9:30, and 11:30am, with weekday mass at 8am

Pastor’s Letter

I would like to update you on the situation regarding the Collaborative between Resurrection and St.Paul's Parishes. As of now the Collaborative is on hold to January of 2015. What I understand from the Archdiocese is that neither I or Fr. Nestor are to resign at this time. Nor are we to announce the formal formation of the Collaborative for June of 2015. The possibility exists that the Collaborative could go forward in June of 2015 but that won't be known till January. Till then we will still work together with each other to share ministries. In the coming months we I will update you as more news becomes available. Thanks for your patience.
On another note, Religious Ed classes will be starting up soon. We are excited to begin a new year with almost 750 youngsters. Please be patient as we work to set classes up. We are still in need of teachers/facilitators. If you can help please call Mrs. Hickey. Thank-you.
This week's Gospel asks the question: Why do we do good? Because of the reward or because we love the Lord? If for the reward, how much is helping an elderly person across the street worth? If instead, we do it out of love for the Lord, is not the act of doing it's own reward? It doesn't really matter, when in life we start working in the vineyard, as long we work for the right reason: our love of God. Peace, Father Quinn
Father Kenneth Quinn

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How We Help

Fr. Bill’s Place is a homeless shelter in Quincy. On the second and third Thursday of every month parishioners make sandwiches and goodies to be served for lunch to those who visit the shelter. On the third Friday of each month a group of Resurrection parishioners buys, cooks and serves a meal at Fr. Bill’s. A donations container for Fr. Bill’s Place in Quincy is located at the side door of the church. Anyone willing to help out by making sandwiches or goodies to go along with the prepared meals, please contact Norman and Phyllis Thoms at (781)878-5644

Our food pantry is through Hingham Food Pantry, serving Hingham and Rockland. Food is left at the front of the church on the first Sunday of each month and brought to a participating church. The food pantry is open on Tuesdays. For more info, contact the Food Pantry at (781)740-8180(preferred) or Pauline Munroe at (781)740-4516


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By virtue of our baptism, we are called to be the hands and heart of Christ in our community. It is through your donations that we can answer the call to love and care for one another as Jesus would. This Online Giving feature gives you the option to make donations without writing checks or remembering your envelopes. We hope that this may be a convenience in your busy life, and we are so grateful for your generosity. Consider setting up monthly automatic payments for convenience. God Bless You