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We Are One Body

by Adam Trudel

We are one body. This is a phrase we hear in church all the time. We may even know Pauls defining scripture from Corinthians by heart. The idea is that the church is many members but one. One in heart, mind, and spirit with a will and desire to serve the Lord. I am especially fond […]

Changes in Christianity/Music

by Adam Trudel

Music is always changing. In many ways it is like an organism: it grows, it is influential, it changes and discovers many new things, and it adapts. However, music itself doesn’t feel, we do! God has given within each of us an intuitive musical capacity (some more than others), and it is important that, just […]

Music in the Spiritual Life

by Adam Trudel

As someone who is surrounded by music, whether composing, playing, or directing, I am often seeing areas where the musical life parallels the spiritual life. Now, for most of us, we could look to music that praises and worships God. It is important, both within mass and outside of mass to use this God-given music […]