For a Music Director, Lent, and especially Holy Week can be much like the quote from A Tale of Two Cities, “The best of times, the worst of times”. It is a time where we really effort to draw nigh to God, so he can draw night to us. We experience a spiritual renewal and rebirth, and allow the spirit to make us whole. Through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving we focus our eyes on the Lords will in our lives, and what our service is to others.

However, this period is also a time for chaos. As a Director, you can be constantly thwarted with worry and uncertainty. “Do the tenors know what we’re doing at measure 20?”, “Does Father Ken remember that we changed the Offertory hymn?”, “If we have a different priest, will he want the sequence sung?”. On top of the neverending changing of programs, extra rehearsal times, hiring of new musicians (like our fantastic brass quintet!), these excess worries can cloud our minds. It is important that through these times we maintain our composure and remember why we’re here.

I’m reminded how in the book of Samuel, Saul was chosen as King (Samuel 10). The people inquire of the Lord as to where Saul is and God replies, “Behold, he is hid among the stuff”. Though I may be ardently working toward a particular good, it is vital that I don’t hide myself among the stuff, and that I am still able to know my duties. Lent teaches this best. “Come back to me”, says the Lord, “with all your heart”. Nevertheless, Easter is not the end of something but the beginning. Christ is Risen, death and darkness have no power, and we, as Christ professors, can walk in a newness of life with spiritual vitality, integrity, and victory. God bless, and thank you for reading.


Enjoy this video of “Were You There” sung by myself, Lisa Battista, Patty McDonald, and Scott Wahle!