This past week, March 10th, 11th, and 12, Resurrection Parish combined with St. Pauls for a Parish Mission. The event was led by Father William Brown, from the Oblates of the Virgin Mary. Also in attendance was Father Kenneth Quinn, Pastor of Resurrection, Father Tom Nestor, Pastor of St. Pauls, and Deacon Joe, also from St. Pauls.

There was a lot that went into planning the mission, from a 6 person council group to compiling lectors and readers and other ministers. I was pleased to have with me Sal Bartolotti, Music Director at St. Pauls, Mike Boucher, musician from St. Pauls, and Scott Wahle, a cantor from Resurrection. We spent several weeks planning and rehearsing the music so that it would be as prayerful and polished as possible.

The Mission brought together our two parishes in Hingham, St. Pauls and Resurrection.There was a sense of unification and community throughout the event, as these parishes (which are due for collaboration in June 2015) came together.

The three nights touched on different themes (Gods Word, Jesus and the cross, the Blessed Mother: Perfect Disciple). Father Brown was engaging, funny, dynamic, and really compelled you to consider what the mission was about. His talks were full of stories, many from his own life experiences, and he left within us all a desire to do more.

I was so extremely pleased with how smooth the mission ran, how many people were attended, and how many were touched by Father Browns preaching. I can only hope that these combined missions become a regular event!


~Adam Trudel~