Altar Server Schedule Aug & Sep 2014

Wedding Server Instructions

For more information contact:

Resurrection Rectory: 781-749-3577, until a coordinator is finalized

*Attention Altar Servers*



We are currently scheduling servers once in a 4 week cycle,
making every attempt to accommodate Mass preferences.


*Fr. Quinn has asked us to remind everyone that if you see that there
is no server or only one server that you please step up and help
serve mass even if it is not your ‘scheduled’ time. Everyone should
have an Altar Server roster with everyone’s email address and phone
number. Please use this when you cannot do your scheduled mass and
you need coverage. You can either send a group email requesting
help or if you’re more comfortable calling on the phone that is
fine as well but please do not just not show up and assume that
the other server on will.